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May 13

Looking for a german car, but petrol!


I’m in the market for a german petrol car. i recently drove rapid petrol and was quite impressed. But, i am unable to find any review of that engine. Could you please put up a video of this car? It would be of great help! Thanks!

I already own a Polo GT TSI. It’s around 5 years old and still stands strong! Besides, considering the features on offer, Vento TSI is way too much overpriced!

2 years ago, I was considering the Polo GT TSi but dropped the plan because of the DSG horror stories! It's good to know that the car is standing strong and I hope it stays that way. (Sorry for going off topic)

You can read the complete review of the the Skoda Rapid 1.6L MPi at TeamBHP.com. Just search Skoda Rapid test drive and review.

@Faisal Khan Even i would like to see a review of this petrol engine.

a friend of mine has it and i must say, it is surprisingly comfortable to drive in the city traffic.

I was able to go as low as 30 KMPH from 80 KMPH in the 4th gear without down shifting and it did not require one too.

@nazaar.mohamed98 the link that you shared states this fact too!

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