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Feb 11

Jeep Compass Limited (O) or Skoda Octavia L&K?


Hi, i am confused on choosing the either one of the above. My initial choice was jeep as i owned a wrangler a while ago in UAE. But, while i was surfing through your car reviews, i found octavia to also be considered as one of my choice. I know both are different are different poles. I currently own an suv, a Dodge Durango in uae. So i am fine with a sedan as well. I need good engine performance and comfort as well. I don't mind about the maintenance cost being more, but i prefer the mileage of the vehicle to be more or atleast not too less. So, select one!

And can you tell me about the petrol version of octavia? I saw the review of the diesel. I hope you make the review for petrol as well.


And one more thing apart from the above question. Man, your reviews are awesome. I sit watching your reviews for hours. You also inspire me in some ways. The way you make videos, the way you speak, the way to drive, the way you...blah blah blah, everything is perfect. Well, i hope to meet you once when i visit india sometime. Ciao!

Feb 12

Go for Skoda Octavia as it a very spacious car . Jeep is although a SUV so you will not feel the comfort that u get in Octavia even the performance is mind blowing and u will feel luxurious inside although jeep is nice machine but the comfort level of Octavia is next level . And as u said u own a SUV dodge Durango u should go for Skoda Octavia.👍

It's quite easy, go for the Skoda Octavia, it's a much better car than the Jeep Compass, in fact, it's a better car than even cars costing more than it.

Thanks for the reply. I shall go for skoda then.

And can you make a review on petrol version of the new octavia? I saw the diesel review. I want to know more about the petrol one.

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