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Jul 22, 2018

Jazz vs wrv


I need to ask which is a better car - honda jazz vx 1.2 l ivtec or wrv vx 1.2 l ivtec in terms of performance and driving in city and features.

Jul 23, 2018

WRV if you want more features and road presence.Both cars use the same engine (wrv is a modified jazz) so dont expect any difference in power delivery,performence and FE.Talking about about urban drivability,the 1.2ivtec has a weak bottom end and a flat mid range,its only the top end where it shines.I suggest you to consider the ford freestyle as it has better petrol engine and more safety tech on offer at a much lower price tag.

Aug 7, 2018

ivtec is a sweet motor and best in business, I own 1st gen Jazz and it's going strong all these years and I agree with nazaar above on weak bottom end and flat mid range but once you are at cruising / top end it pulls really well. If you really enjoy driving and want to experience best of ivtec, it should be 1.5l ivtec of Honda City. If you really want to decide between Jazz and WRV, I would recommend WRV for better road presence, ground clearance and more space. WRV is more practical car than the Jazz in my opinion.

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