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Feb 19

Is it safe to hit the airbag with spectacles?😱


Edited: Feb 20

It was a tiring day yesterday. I jumped into the bed (as usual, like Faisal do when he reviews the hotel🤓) and my head hit the pillow hard. It was when I realised I forgot to take spectacles off.

The frame above the nose hit the nose hard and it pained quite a bit.



That's when I realised what would happen if I hit the airbag with 60-70 kmph or more with sunglasses or spectacles!!😱😱

Is it safe to wear such things with the car equipped with airbags or without airbags??

Experts please throw some light.





Something just like this😂



Haha, that's not an issue, the airbags deploy in milli-seconds.

Feb 20Edited: Feb 20

Thanks a lot for the reply😄

But don't we get hurt when our face hit the airbag with the spectacles or sunglasses on?

Will it break?

Can the glass hit our eyes?🤔

Sorry for eating your head again and again😅

(Trying to be as humble as possible to leave better impression on faisal sir!😂)

@yashraj2001 see if you have an eye number, it's better to wear glasses to get a better view of what's around then not wear them worrying about the airbag.


Yes, it can hurt but the glasses won't break or go in your eye. The airbag doesn't have sharp objects, it's a cushion.

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Thats when Javeid comes into picture!

He is a dentist if I am not wrong.

*off topic alert*

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