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Sep 25, 2018

Is Ford Freestyle really getting an update?


I test drive many cars and Ford Freestyle was my final pick but its rear headrest wasnt adjustable even in the top spec and its like something i want. I re think many cars again and at last decided to not choose freestyle and go with grand i10. I am still not 100% satisfied with my decision but has to consider my family as well. But recently i heared a rumour about freestyle getting an update and getting a rear adjustable headrest. Is it true? Does anyone know anything about this rumour? I could wait for 1 more month if that’s true

Sep 25, 2018

Yes, it is getting adjustable headrests at the rear soon.

Sep 26, 2018

Is there any time frame expected when will this launch?

Sep 26, 2018

I am going to wait then 😍

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