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Jun 20

Innova Crysta or MG Hector


I wanted 7 seater with best build quality, best safety, best ride quality. MG Hector 7 seater coming to India? Is it better than innova crysta?

Ya MG is good in term of design,safety and features as well. With MG assistance its is even much better.

But Toyota makes a much reliable cars.

I feel MG HECTOR would be the best buy at the price bracket and hector looks more solid and safer than crysta but u no cars in the price bracket can compete crysta's reliability and comfort.Talking in terms of build quality i feel both are well built cars but hector is an all rounder offering more futuristic features CRYSTA is like HECTOR's great grandfather as it is not being updated by toyota ever since its launch 3 years back....

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