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Mar 20

I want to buy baleno petrol but really concerned about its build quality, reliablity and safety. Is it way lower than i20??

Mar 21Edited: Mar 21

This topic is in trend now a days and and can easily split opinions. Mainly due to the lack of knowledge.

Still, i will make you a bit clear based on my understanding.



Build quality is a pole apart from safety. It is only concern about how good the materials are used, paint, sheet metal quality etc.

If that's what concerns you than I 20 is just slightly better. Nowhere in a league of Germans.


If safety is what concerns you then new Suzuki cars are a much safer when you compare it with the cars of its league.

Yes the bumper which is made up of plastic (to reduce weight and cost) is not meant to protect you and most people misjudged it with safety. Chaasis i tell you is very stiff.

What do you think faisal?



Only the bonnet took the impact.


In both the cases the crumple zone worked well.

Build quality is bit low than the i20 but in terms of safety aspects there's not much difference because of the recent GNCAP test of India spec i20 which a performed below average..But i would suggest go for the i20 cause it's reek of quality..Interior ambience is simply outstanding...but you said you want a patrol so that's where the maruti scores cause that Hyundai1.2 is meek at best

Mar 24

Reliability and safety r not an issue as many Maruti products have proven over the years. However build quality isn't it's forte as they offer their cars at attractive prices. You will see many videos on YouTube that show the car is completely damaged but the occupants were unharmed. The reason being nowadays cars r designed for saving the occupants rather than itself.

I hope what I've written helps in understanding build quality as a whole

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