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Jan 15

I need a sedan, confused between , Vento tdi/tsi, vs city cvt vs Verna Diesel amt,



Im looking for a fun to drive vehicle without any mechanical issues for 5-6 years ? Maintenance and service are not an issue. Also taking into consideration the model changes for these 3 models as well. Should I wait ? Or which is the best choice For now. ?


Jan 16

Since you want a car that is fun to drive and reliable I would suggest the Honda city if you have a family of 4 to carry along with you. Honda is knownfor it's reliability and good after sales service. If you drive the car yourself then the Verna Diesel is one you can look at as it offers good value for money but it is not known for it's space, a reliable product though.

The vento is a great car but is a little dated, though I guess the petrol tsi variant is a good choice but it also lacks certain features and the value that the other 2 cars provide. But is a good family car.

Hi Elroy, thank you for the suggestions. Couple of owners I spoke to said the new 2018 Honda city cvt model is very light and it doesn’t feel planted while taking corners and on high speed. I haven’t met anyone whose owning Verna Amt and Vento tsi. Will check it out anyways. Appreciate your response.

Jan 17

Go for Vento TSI.. they have come up with good service and maintenance deals now. Also the build quality and the gearbox is simply the best in the segment. It will easily last for 10years if maintained well.

@jignesh06 , thank you for the Suggestion. I saw vw has got new service plans. Looks interesting. Is the new Vento coming to India next year ? . Will surely give it Test drive.

Jan 17

@philipmathew07 VW India is going through a transition right now. Skoda top management is going to run VW India operations as well. Hence, I doubt any new models will be launched in the first half of this year by VW

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