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Feb 19

Hyundai Tucson 2.0 Turbo AMT (GLS 4WD) 2019


Edited: Feb 19

Hello Faisal, Good day!


When visited Hyundai dealership in Pune to TD the Tucson, I understood from SR that there is new variant launched in Jan 2019 (surprisingly no promotion, no coverages by Auto experts) which has Panoramic sunroof, charging deck (copy like Creta), small change to Alloy design, and some minor change(s). offered me 31.5L on road after negotiation. The one I TD was a version older without the sunroof, it was fantastic, and I was impressed. I asked the representative on any plans of facelift to be launched this year? (as many moto blogging sites/enthusiast have mentioned the same during Oct 2018), to which he replied that this is same facelift and launched in Jan 2019 and there is no other release for 2019 at least for Tucson.

Now coming to concerns:

1. There is no information about the facelift across Indian automobile expert sites, so is this the facelift version or there is a one yet to be launched in 2019?

2. Considering Tucson had only 50 sales across India (Jan 2019) as per the market report, is this going to die?

3. Please suggest should I go with the current Tucson (2.0, AMT) as claimed by the dealership the latest version or shall I wait for any facelift?

4. If not Tucson, Jeep compass (Limited plus)? i still doubt their after sales service and maintenance. or something else?


Please advice.

Tucson facelift launch is confirmed for later this year, I suggest you wait for it.

Feb 20

Thanks for your suggestion, much appreciated!

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