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Jun 19

GT TSI(2nd hand) or Jazz CVT(2nd hand)?


Edited: Jun 19

My parents are both very good drivers but are getting old and having knee problems so i am in search of an automatic car and I really want to go for GT TSI but i feel the risk factor is high considering i am buying it 2nd hand. gearbox failure can happen anytime like even a month after buying ;P which is probably my worst nightmare. i thought jazz cvt would be safer bet considering honda reliability. Should i risk it and if i risk it and gearbox failure happens in near fututre. how much should i be ready to spend. Please suggest if u have other options in mind around 6-7 lakhs in 2nd hand automatic cars. preferably hatchbacks and sedans and no amts please. torque converters are okay!!

Go for ecosport. Don't go for Volkswagen polo as its height is low and ingress and egress would be difficult as they have knee problem, Ecosport's height is good, ride and handling balance is also good.

ingress egress is not the problem bro. knees are not that damaged. they are fine in hatchbacks. problem is the heavy clutch of my diesel pulse. they have difficulty in driving for long in traffic and i have to drive for them. i drove ecosport manual. i prefer the hatchbacks over it. and moreover the dual clutch of ecosport also has problems so i might aswell go with gt as gearbox is more sorted and new torque converter will exceed my budget as its not old enough.

Bro go for jazz. CVT would be more reliable.

Jazz is more practical as it has more space and Honda offers a better service experience.

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