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Jun 21

Ford Endeavour 2.2 T+ AT or 3.2 T+AT ?


Hi Faisal ,

recently started watching your show on youtube and I like your Opinions.

Please help me decide which car is better and ofcourse more practical and VFM.


following are my concerns / criteria:


1- Is the 2.2 Engine underpowered ? Or does it feel lazy at any point?


2- I will mainly be highway cruising so need a car with the right amount of power as well as FE. Not having 4x4 is not a big concern.


3- Is the Sport mode any good ? Does it have a neck snapping punch ?


4- Not a fast driver , typically don’t prefer doing speeds over 130 KMPH


Please share your thoughts and opinions and help me make a decision !


Thanks & Cheers !





Well I wud suggest u wid the 3.2 for its more power. In the city the 2.2 has sufficient power but on the highway the 3.2 not only guves u more punch but also a slight better grip coz of d 4x4. The 2.2 vovals a bit on 3 digit speeds. Also u can enjoy occasional off roads even if its not a deciding factor.

2.2 is good enough but out on the highway for quick overtakes, the 3.2 is just better.

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