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May 27

For long ride purposes.


What a car should must have for long touring? Diesel or petrol? Automatic or manual? And others.

May 27Edited: May 27


Buddy as per me, diesel verient is good for long tours( as per my personal experience). But in terms of transmission, it depends on the  driving habits( like if you are a manual gearbox lover or so...) and the on time driving behavour( like stressed or relaxed etc...). Mostly people prefer manual transmission as on long journeys,especially on highways because the real punch and  power gets there, which is not always available in the automatic transmission as the gears upshift smoothly with minimal lag... hope you are satisfied with this comment and if not then faisal sir will help you......😃😃😃


Diesel manual is what I will choose!

Bhai which car or which brand? I'm a Ford fan although

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