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Jun 25, 2018

for how many of you 4x4 is necessary?


I wanted to ask how many of you own 4x4 car and have used it's off road capabilities

Jun 25, 2018

I think very few people use 4x4 and those who use it, are hardcore off-road enthusiasts.

Jun 25, 2018

The explosive mesh of Concrete everywhere has rendered 4x4 useless. Crossovers boasting 190mm+ of ground clearance are enough to tackle unpaved countryside and potholes ridden roads of India.


4x4 in today's world is left for adventurers who want to explore and conquer the unknown terrain stretching beyond the comfort of familiarity with city roads. Those who can't be bothered by under belly scraping and wild shrubs hugging the delicate paint of their car!


If you're buying a proper ladder-on-frame 4x4 to run alongside the hordes of crossovers drivers and never plan to take it to a deep slush in it's entire lifetime, I'm afraid this league isn't for you!

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