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Apr 21

Figo or aspire??? Im confused to dearh


After watching videos by faisal sir, decided to go for ford than maruti suzuki... But now im confused like hell between ford figo titanium diesel and for aspire titanium diesel.. both having price difference around 1 lac, im not sure if that extra luggage capacity is necessary or not.. apire is so elegant in looks but figo got the black sporty interior.. aspire rear seat is short with headroom than figo and figo titanium comes with 14 inch alloy only compared to aspire's 15 inch ones ... Its really hard to decide.. somebody please help in detail, dont answer in a word.. should i go with look of aspire or sporty interior of figo? Faisal sir, expecting expert advice and final conclusion from you..


Thanking you in advance..

Bro, If you drive mostly on highways go for Titanium Blu variant. 6 Airbags & R15 Tyre size will be helpful on highways. If you drive occasionally on highways and wan't to save some money then you can prefer Titanium variant. Aspire don't have any features compare to Figo to justify it's price difference. I am also planning to buy Figo Petrol Titanium variant.

During the test drive found out petrol more smooth but diesel has that punch altogether

If you want a punchy motor and a great speed then you can go for the diesel one and mostly diesel model is good enough.

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