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Sep 27, 2018

Elite I20 Asta O MT or Ciaz Alpha MT 1.5, Which one to buy?

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Planning to buy my first car . This choice might not make sense - a hatchback & a Sedan. Initially shortlisted I20 & Baleno. Had visited both the showrooms, I really liked i20, looked sturdy, fit and finish was great, feature full car, importance for safety, impressed by the quality, one of my favorite hatchback. Later went Nexa for Baleno, but was not impressed by the quality, interior looked cheap & exterior lacked a solid feel n look. Then they offered to test- drive a Ciaz, this car really impressed me. The space & legroom was great, Interior felt really upmarket, that 1.5 petrol MT engine was punchy, handling was smooth, really liked the suspension, in total it was a really nice experience.

Not worried about the mileage. slightly worried about parking space. Must be Reliable & Durable in the long run. No Verna or Baleno. Only Petrol Car. Budget limit - budget of Ciaz MT Petrol Alpha.

Things i need:- Safety, features, quality, space, less body roll, comfort, practicality.

I mostly drive alone or two, 5 people in weekends, mix city & highway drive. Not be driving a car daily. long trip once a month. I almost locked Elite i20 but Ciaz is giving me second thoughts.

Please advice


Sep 29, 2018

If you can stretch to the Ciaz, go for it.

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