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Mar 31

Ecosport Vs Creta


Edited: Mar 31

Hi Faisal,


I am little confused which car I can go for Ecosport Titanium plus Diesel Vs Creta Sx Diesel ?



Of the duo, you should opt for the creta as it offers more bang for bucks. It also has a more powerful engine & cruising on highways or ambling in town wouldn't be stressful. You can also seat five people in utmost comfort & it also has a larger boot. But if you want a driver's car then the ecosport is the one you should go for if your family isn't too big. It feels more sure footed on the highway compared to the creta but the creta doesn't feel unnerving by any way though. The ecosport would return a better mileage than the creta so it boils down what exactly your requirements are. Overall, the creta makes more sense here.

Mar 31Edited: Mar 31

Hi Aditya,


Which one is better if we compare ecosport titanium with creta 1.4s ?


On paper the 1.4 creta makes lesser power than the ecosport & that is evident even when you are on the go. The ecosport titanium variant is a much more livelier vehicle than the creta & that translates well on the road too. If space is not a constraint then the titanium variant of the ecosport is the one to pick. The ecosport is a driver's car & will reward you enormously through Twisties & winding roads. Ford has further tweaked the suspension to make the ride more compliant & bumps are also absorbed more maturely. If these two cars are the one's you have to chose from then the ecosport is the one to go but if you would like to explore a bit more then I would suggest do have a look at the newly launched XUV 300 which strikes a balance between the driving dynamics of the ecosport & space that is almost on par with the creta. The engine is very powerful & is quite engaging to drive. I would suggest take a test drive of all these cars & then chose the one which suits you better 😊😊

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