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Jul 27, 2018

Do i wait for BS6 cars, have to change my car asap, and with diesel and petrol price margin reducing, is BS4 Diesel a good option now ?

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Hey faisal,

I have a 2011 ritz diesel (with a dieseltronic and k&n air filter), giving it beans all the time lol, ofcourse its time to upgrade, and with maruti suzuki guys shitting on me with their fuckall service, i'm just fed up with maruti, although i love my peppy hatch. Planning to buy ecosport titanium + (D) .So just wanna know is it ok to wait for bs6 or year end 2018, or shoud i just go with the ecosport.

P.S. My budget is 13 lakh

Sep 3, 2018

Even I've the same question. is it worth to buy Skoda Rapid TDI in 2018 ? What will be the future of Diesel Cars in India ?

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