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Sep 10, 2018

Dilemmma on car upgrade

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Dear Faizal, First of all, thanks for all the videos that gave me an idea on a lot of cars. The reason I am mailing is you because I am in a deep dilemma or confusion on which car to upgrade to. I am currently using a swift vdi 2007 and for the options to upgrade I had creta sx diesel and Honda City vx petrol in mind. However being a motor evangelist I wanted your opinion as well on which car to opt? My budget is around 13 Lakhs. Thank you for the consideration. It would be really helpful if you could guide me on the same. Best, Sam

Sep 10, 2018

@isamjohns90 Dude, the cars that you listed above, The Honda City and The Creta are cars of completely different segments. And on the other side, one is petrol and the other is the diesel.

If you want a car full of features and a car which feels a bit luxurious on the inside, then you should go for the Honda City. If you want a car which can be modified and has a powerful, and has a engine full of torque, then you should go for the creta. In your budget of 13 laks, only the base model of the creta would be available. But nevertheless, it could be modified on the inside by putting a nice audio system, bucket seats, and upgrading the lights to Led's on the exterior and puttin a rear camera with parking sensors. This would cost you 1 lakh rupees extra.



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