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Mar 29



Hello Faisal, congrats for 500k subscribers.. Keep flying higher..

I 'm planning to buy a car within 2 months, so pleas help me to select one.

My budget is about 15-17 lakhs. My current car is a Swift. Till nw I never owned a suv. So I'm planning to buy one diesel suv. I shortlisted creta SX & harrier XM.

My priority is, value for money>comfort> Drivability>Long lasting>easy maintenance>low maintenance cost>safety>interior space> power.. I'm not interested in features like auto headlights wipers, push start, sunroof etc coz i

t's expensive & may be the first one in which the faults may crop up.. So from the above priorities what do u recommend??

My heart says harrier but head says creta.

I find harrier the superior one but afraid of initial niggles of a brand new car (not tried & tested)+ Tata's history (aria) + lower service & maintenance satisfaction compared to Hyundai+ huge sales & trust of public on creta.

Also, if I buy any bs4 diesel engine now will there be any issues post 2020? Or should I wait till next year??

Thank you.


I would suggest you wait for a few months and then opt for the Harrier. No issues with buying BS4 vehicle now.

Why should I wait? So that I can get a harrier free from the initial niggles?? Will 4 months be enough??

@amruth.m.k that period would be enough for consumer feedbacks and by use of them, TATA motors could be able to fix all the issues which prevailing customers have faced and eventually you will get a defect free car!

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