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Apr 21

Completey devastated after hearing this.


Hi Faisal sir, saw todays live session and was shocked by your decision. Pls think about the true blue fasbeamers like me. A day without your vlog is a day wasted.whenever you feel demotivated think of your fans.

#The show must go on.

# A die hard fan of yours.


Yes sir please don't make any such decision . I cannot believe in the videos made by any other vlogger. Your way of reviewing is unbeatable and the best one. You always satisfy all your fans and your all videos are the best

I will try to keep going but I don't know till when cause I have lost motivation due to lack of engagement and many people being unreasonable.

This is the time when you really have to stand strong.I know people are a bit unreasonable and pushy to a certain extent but at the end of the day you should do what you want to do because we ,the og fasbeamers like it that way! I have suggested you this before and I will say it again that please post videos with a gap of one day so that you get some rest and quality time with your family.

Sir inspite of all the demotivators, we are with you and we surely support you. It is a request to you that please don't stop vlogging. I think the people who comment something stupid or demotivate you do not have a true love and passion for cars and bikes and definately are unaware of your struggle which you do to give us(the fasbeamers) the best experience and information of any car and bike. So please don't get demotivated and we all fasbeamers and your fans will always support you sir.

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