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May 22

"Comfort" in Japanese cars


Edited: May 23



Almost all of the Japanese cars boast of heaps of leg space area in the backseat. However, this is yet another tactic to hypnotize and blindfold their buyers.

Actually, what they do is cut-short the rear bench of the seat to open up space for rear legroom. This comes at the cost of comfort during long drives. In some cars (such as Maruti Baleno), the rear bench has been cut so short that for a person with 6 feets of height, the seat ends before his thighs start.

Some of the cars that have been practicing this are:

1) All the Maruti Suzuki cars




2) Toyota Etios/Liva




3) Honda Amaze, Honda City


Surprisingly, Honda City (most expensive of the lot) has the least under-thigh support



Infact, in Ford EcoSport, though at first glance, the rear legroom seems almost negligible. But, once you sit inside, the rear seats are suprisingly comfortable, even on very long trips.This is because companies like Ford do not believe in bolstering on their brochures. Instead, they provide quality in their products. This is the reason why such brands do not sell in great numbers in India as we all know the psychological framework of Indians when it comes to buying cars.


Ford Ecosport






This is a very unique and a rare topic ever discussed on bloggs... great work buddy... also the last tag is acceptable...😃😃😃😃

This was brought into my knowledge as well by a Škoda salesman

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