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Jun 29



I am confused between MG HECTOR and JEEP COMPASS.Which should i go for if i am looking for good cabin isolation,ride quality and comfort?

Also i saw in your vlog that widder set of tyres would improve the handling of hector,which size would u suggest 17inch widder tyres or 18inch ones?

Buddy as per me you should go for the MG Hector. Car is great in terms of handling, performence, space, features and what not.... Its just a fully loaded package in such a great price. As compared to jeep compass the hector is more preferable because of its design, infotainment system, and comfortable seats,etc. Comming to the engine spec, its not too punchy as compared to compass but still goes good and aggressive. Hope this comment helped you and if not then faisal sir will definately help you.......

Stock tyres are fine as the Hector isn't a dynamic car like the Compass but does have a good ride quality and offers comfort, go with the MG.

Thanks bhaiya!! But one doubt what do you mean by dynamic car?.Also one more thing does compass feel more powerful than hector or slightly?

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