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Feb 19

CAR 35-40 Lakhs


Hello Faisal. Hope you are doing well .

Can you please tell me a car with the budget between 35-40 lakhs ? I may compromise some features but i want a performance car with best suspension, handling and ride quality. Best of the buck . sedan/SUV- any .

Bro if you want performance then i would have recommended octavia vRS but all 500 units have already been sold ..... so you should opt for skoda superb sportline.....it has minor tweaks to the engine, and its interior has alcantara leather and bucket seats.

Feb 19

What about c class ? if i were to buy an SUV . Then any suggestions?


@Kunal Rao c class 220d prime starting model would cost you around 45 lakh Rs .... and best SUV under this price range is the ford endeavour.........or last option could be a second hand luxury car purchase

Feb 19

Check out VW Passat / Toyota Camry/ Skoda kodiac

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