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Sep 9, 2018

Buying a used Honda Accord (automatic)

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Hello sir. I was planning to go for a used 2008 honda accord automatic. Could u please write for me the pros and cons of it? Mileage is not an issue for me. What matters is the maintainence especially on auto gearbox. Does it fail out easily? And the car has 65k on odo. Would u suggest me to go for it? Please help me out if anybody else can do. Its an humble request from me.


Hey there! I own a Honda Accord 2010 model 2.4At. You can easily make out the pros so I’ll just tell you about the cons! It’s a long sedan so it’ll definitely be a problem in heavy traffic. After this much of time most of the accords have a very common issue of a damaged steering rack! Which is not good! Also engine body mount kits also get damaged after this much of time. The CD player most of the times stops working because of a stuck CD inside it! I hope this is helpful

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