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Mar 28

Buying a bs4 car before April 1st ban


Edited: Mar 28

Faisal luv ur work, I wanted to ask that since ban on sale of bs4 cars is to be applied from April 1st so will we get hefty discount like 4-5lakhs on say c segment cars n SUVs , also if yes then pls tell what cars are currently available with bs4 engines:)

Manufacturers have become smart, they will adjust inventory and production to ensure such discounts don't need to be given to clear stock.

@Faisal Khan Hi Faisal, is it a good idea to go for a BSIV car which we always wished for e.g. Honda City 1.5 ivtec or vento TSI as I fear that they will reduce power post BSVI and may add 1.0 L turbo 3 cylinder engine in both city and vento? 1.0L turbo might have more BHP but I doubt that the feel of 4 cylinders/refinement/fun to drive factor will still be same. Appreciate your inputs.

If we buy a diesel car now then will there be any restrictions to sell the car post 2020? Will the resale value be affected highly??

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