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Sep 24, 2018

BR-V vs Marazzo- A Compromise?

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I'm looking for an efficient, multi-purpose vehicle, which can take me anywhere without any fuss. I plan to travel long distances in future hence want a comfortable car. Sedans are not really a choice cause of less space and low ground clearance. 7 people carrying capacity might come handy, if not for carrying people then for carrying luggage and stuff. Also, I'm not one of those ignorant Indians who just focus on the mileage. Safety is a priority. Sub 4 meter compact 'SUV's aren't spacious enough and full sized SUVs are a bit out of budget. So I'm only left with the kind of old looking BR-V and the newly launched, future to-be cab car, Marazzo. Any help is appreciated and also you can suggest any other better options.

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