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May 15

Best Hunchback car under 10 lakhs


Hi you are doing good reviews, keep it up, My father is having creta, I really like to drive that car, now I am in Bangalore with my family i like a good performance car with comfort and good built quality, I will use it occasionally for a long drive to my home town and use in city too , sadly my budget is under 10 lakhs, so can you suggest or give some pointers for a Hunchback car. Thanks


Ya I was thinking the same, but just now I come to know about Hyundai Venue, how are you feeling about that car

Venue will go above Rs. 10 lakhs.

I think i20 is a good option it is feature loaded and is high on safety all though in terms of space and performance it is not class leading but good enough


Jun 18

Try for polo automatic transmission, it's good for long drive,safer,fits family well, it's comfortable

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