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Jun 6

Best enthusiasts petrol car under 15 lakh?


Edited: Jun 6

Hatchback- Polo Gt tsi

compact suv - Ecosport S petrol

Sedans - Honda city petrol mannual transmission OR VW vento Tsi if need an auto transmission.

Jun 18

Go for the polo if you only want to have fun,I mean like you won't have much space for a family,if you want fun space and practicality vento TSI DSG is the one,gem of a machine with a gem of a gearbox

Thanks Karthik. I would've preferred 1.2 TSI with manual gearbox. DSG is very good but I think it can't replace the feeling of manual. I am guessing the next Skoda Rapid will have option for TSI + Manual.

Hey, i think you should wait for the 1.0 turbocharged petrol in the rapid as there were some announcements not long back. It will be one hell of a car for enthusiasts, the dynamics of rapid with 120 HP lightweight engine😍

I agree. Recently I read an article where there are rumors that Rapid may have option for 1.5 ltr TSI too. If this turned out to be true, then nothing can be better than this in C segment and I will go for it eyes closed :) .

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Thanks Sahil.. No doubt ecoboost is a great engine, but I would anyday prefer a low slung Sedan or hatch for better handling and sporty feeling. Cars with higher center of gravity like crossovers and SUVs are not as dynamic as the low ones.

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