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Mar 13

Baleno Suspension


I ride a Baleno Delta Petrol and just opposite to what I see on the vlogs, the suspension is hard and can frel bumps in the ride. I bought the car in 2018 and U thought they resolved the suspension issue but its there. Is there any soosolut to that?

Even i own a baleno 1.2 2016 and i found the suspensions to be stiff.

I read somewhere that there is some issue is some of the cars and maruti has called a recall.

I went to my sa at nexa service.

He had some device.

He checked in front of me and found no issue.

I did not argue much because i was ok with the stiffer suspension setup.

But sometimes it becomes a bit annoying.

Have you tried changing the tyre pressure?

Yes I did.. I tried 30, 35 and even 32 as well. Anything else can be done? I did changed the tyre size to 195/55/16 as mine were 15. Would thay help?


@himanshu singh the 16 have a lower profile. This might make ride more stiffer than bouncier

I also drove baleno cvt 2018 and found the suspension good. You could also test drive the showroom car to compare and inquire.

I am fine with stiff suspensions because it handles well!!


@yashraj2001 I am also fine with the handling and all, just that some bumps even the smallest of bumps feel throughout the car and the most on the back seat.

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