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Oct 18, 2018

Baleno or Freestyle


Hey Guys.. I am looking at buying a hatchback around 8-9 Lakhs with a diesel engine with a manual transmission. I am confused between Baleno (Delta) and Freestyle (Titanium). I see Freestyle has a very less road presence while Baleno is selling like hot cakes. Pls suggest which is th better option... Thanks!!


PS: I know Freestyle is a CUV and not an actual hatchback.

Oct 22, 2018

I would suggest the Freestyle as it's a better car than the Baleno but the Baleno has more space at the rear.

Oct 25, 2018Edited: Oct 25, 2018

Go for the Freestyle! Baleno is not as solidly built as the Freestyle and that multijet motor is nowhere close to the fantastic 1.5TDCi. I will suggest you to stretch a bit and go for Titanium Plus variant which offers tremendous value for the money.

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