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Aug 20, 2018

Anyone facing problems with Skoda Rapid or VW Vento brakes shuddering and steering vibration


I own a Skoda Rapid 2015 DSG variant and I started feeling some vibration at 10k kms,I visited the service centre for it and said me it was worn out and needs to be replaced,they said it was due to my driving style,so I got it changed at my first service 15k kms,then after 8-10 k kms again I had the same issue,then I visited the service guys and asked about it ,I even mailed the Skoda team regarding this and eventually found it was due to the poor quality of the disc rotors,so I asked the company to replace it under warranty,and the came up with the solution to save themselves by saying the warranty for it was till 7500 kms,i knew they are going to blame me for it and exactly they said the disc is worn because of my driving style, (infact i use hard braking very rarely and used to brake prior) i tried to explain the condition that if I had used hard braking the tyre should be worn out and it's not a compromise, but the thing with these guys are whatever you tell them regarding the brakes,the answer would be "it's because of our driving style" and that's how the company has trained them, so the third time I'm planning to go with 'brembo' brake discs, please suggest regarding this people...do any of you guys face the same issue.

Aug 20, 2018

The dealer is trying to take you for a ride, make sure to email Skoda India and raise the issue.

Aug 21, 2018

I have notified Skoda India about this Faisal bro,but they redirected it to the dealer and they just had the car with them for 4 days and returned me saying to change the discs.the dealer people are like this is the quality of the disc that is provided for c segments,so you have to change it and company would not accept for replacement under warranty.My friend bought a 2017 manual vento ,even that had the same issue after 11 k kms.i think this is the fate of most of the Vento,rapid customers.

I am facing same issue from day 1. i rised with technicians, they are replying like its common in vento. I am really fed-up with this breaking system in vento. if i break suddenly , vehicle wont stop on spot, it moves some distance and gives some diffrent sound[auto spinning sound]

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