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Dec 16, 2018

Air coming out of oil cap of grand i10 petrol


Hello guys, i have recently purchased a petrol grand i10 and it has done around 6k kms, today morning after starting the cold engine i was just having a look at the engine bay and out of curiosity opened the engine oil cap and found some air coming out of it. Is this normal? Can u guys check on your i10s. Please help guys this this is nerve wrecking.

Dec 16, 2018

Ya, here in northern india at Allahabad its quiet cold

Dec 19, 2018

Some people say that it's totally normal but then some say that it's not!

Is your case similar to this?

Got this from the internet-


Dec 19, 2018

Checked other Hyundai's, its common with them. The service guys told me the same😃

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