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May 10

Advantages of buying a CompactSUV!


Edited: May 11

The craze for compact SUVs in India is increasing and almost every auto manufacturer is already in this rat race. Along with the macho looks and commanding driving position, there are some other advantages which truly justifies the growth of this segment in India!


High ground clearance

The Tata Nexon has a ground clearance of 209mm!

Most of the cars in the segment have a ground clearance of about 200mm (or even more) which is quite suitable for our Indian roads. The high ground clearance really comes in handy in tricky situations where many of the small cars and sedans are bound to scrape their belly.


Great cruising capabilities


All these cars come with powerful motors, relatively fatter set of rubber(mostly 215 sections), comfotable seats, reasonable boot space which makes them ideal for long distance journeys.

Again the high ground clearance comes into play when sometimes we visit places where there is no concept of 'roads'!


Powerful engines

This is Mahindra XUV 3OO's diesel engine which makes about 300nm of torque!

I know I have already mentioned about the powerful engines but I have to mention it again as cars like the Nexon and XUV3OO can rival cars from one or two segment above with their class leading numbers! Even the least powerful car in the segment (the brezza) becomes a lion after the 2000 rpm mark!


Never-ending list of features

I mean I really don't have to say anything! With every new launch, the feature list is just getting longer and longer and longer!




And last but not the least, SAFETY! Of late, Safety of the car is becoming a important aspect for the Indian consumers and thankfully, even the manufacturers are paying attention to the same. As a result,all the compact SUVs (the best selling ones) score high in this aspect.

Few examples of the NCAP ratings-

Tata Nexon-5 stars

MS Vitara Brezza-4 stars

Ford EcoSport-4 stars


Fasbeamers,feel free to add your points in the comment section:)

@Faisal Khan


A very great blogg guy... keep it up!!!!😃😃😃 but i would also suggest you to mention the cons tooo. This will be absolutly helpfull for every buyer.... the choice is your's...😃

Thank you man! I'll make a blog on the disadvantages too.

May 11
Top Comment

Very well written, the compact SUVs do have some advantages which is the reason for their soaring sales.


I feel many people also buy it for the image and the easy ingress/egress.

Thank you sir! These cars can actually beat the mid-sizer sedans in almost every aspect!

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