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Jun 26, 2018

5 handy tips to improve your cars life.


Hello Folks!

I'm going to list out some of the most important measures to be taken care of in order to maximize your vehicles life. More often we overlook some of the most crucial aspects while driving our vehicle which can drastically reduce the vehicles life.

Please do read it.


**Wear the seat belt at all times & Drive Safe**


1) Do not ignore Warning Lights : Never ignore warning lights that appear inside your vehicles instrumental cluster, This is the most common problem because of which the vehicles engine bare serious damages. It can indicate problems underlying your vehicle, ignoring such warnings can turn fatal and can severely damage your vehicles mechanical's and can bring huge

maintenance & repair costs as well. These warning lights lit up when turn the ignition is turned on, but it should automatically disappear as you start the engine.


If it persists even after you start driving the car, please visit your service outlet immediately.



2) Do not speedup on potholes & bumps : Speeding up on potholes and road bumps can affect your cars suspension setup as well as can damage other components

of the vehicle. On some of the Low profile tires, it can even damage the rims as well.


It is always advisable to slow down while approaching a deep pothole or irregular road bumps.

Smoother driving on bad roads can save your vehicle from early rattling.



3) Do not skip regular Service Intervals : Skipping service intervals of the vehicle could bring major issues in the long term. It is very important to get your car serviced regularly.


Regular servicing also identify's small problems of the vehicle which can become serious.

Time to time checkups not only increases the life but also increases the resale value of the car as the buyer gets assured that the car was well maintained and is secured of all issues.



4) Do not Rev a cold engine : Revving the engine while it is cool is actually putting excess pressure on it. The engine oil which carries out lubrication should reach a certain temperature

first,if the oil fails to lubricate the mechanical's in & out, it can cause maximum wear & tear to the engine as well as its components.



It is advisable to drive gently until the temperature reaches optimum level to improve long term reliability.



5) Keep tires inflated,and rotate regularly : Tires are one of the most important component of the vehicle, it plays a crucial role in the working of the vehicle. It ensures the safety of the passengers and also determines the grip levels of the vehicle.

you should always keep your tires to the optimum air levels as prescribed. You should also keep rotating the tires front and back to distribute the pressure among all the tires in order to boost tire life.



Aymen Bakhtiar


Hope you like it.





Jun 26, 2018

Excellent write up buddy!

Many of us overlook these small yet significant things which can turn extremely fatal for us.

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