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Sep 5, 2018

10 Affordable cars with super luxurious feature


The feature list of most luxury cars is awe-inspiring. While the luxury cars remain out of budget for many buyers, there are many new modern cars that offer features of luxury cars on a budget. Here are ten such features that are available in regular cars in India


1.ŠKODA OCTAVIA - Park Assist

The new generation of Skoda Octavia offers the park-assist feature. The sedan comes with a feature called “hands-free parking” and it will actually let you park without touching the steering wheel. The sensors in the sedan scan the parking space and then display directions to the driver.

The driver only has to accelerate and brake. Also, the park assist feature asks the driver to put the car in first gear or reverse depending on the space. Such features are seen on many high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series. Yes, they have become almost completely autonomous on the luxurious vehicles but the Skoda’s park assist is a boon!

2 .HYUNDAI VERNA - Cooled Front Seats

Hyundai launched the all-new Elantra in the Indian market sometime back and as always, the car comes with some segment-leading features. One of them is the ventilated front seats that prove to be a heavenly experience during the hot days.

The perforated seats of the Verna throw out cooled air from the cabin, making the passengers much more comfortable. High-end luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Classalso come with a similar feature and get additional features like heated seats and an integrated massager too.

3 .FORD ECOSPORT- Ford Emergency Service

All the Ford cars starting from Figo comes with the SYNC applink to connect to the smartphone. The smart app can sense an accident and call the emergency services. The app also shares the location of the emergency. This saves vital time during critical situations. All the Roll-Royce cars come with the similar feature. The Rolls-Royce cars can also be tracked through this feature.

4. TATA NEXON - Wrist Band

The first affordable car to offer a wristband key in India was the Tata Nexon. However, the key is not very sophisticated and can only unlock/lock the car and start it too. Hyundai recently launched the Creta with the similar wristband key feature and the band shows time and measures your steps too. Jaguar F-Pace is one such high-end car that offers the wristband key.

5. FORD FREESTYLE - Antiroll Program

Ford has launched the all-new Freestyle in India. The all-new car gets an Anti-Roll Program which evaluates each wheel for signs of rollover and a gyroscope. The system then uses the brakes on different wheels to counter that effect. The program works with up to 50kg weight on the roof. Such a feature can be seen in many high-end luxury SUVs like the Volvo XC90.

6.TATA HEXA - Hill Descent Control feature

Tata Hexa is a feature loaded SUV that takes on the likes of the Mahindra XUV500 in the market. The Hexa comes with the hill-descent control that ensures a safe speed during the downhill drive. When activated, the car takes over the speed of the car while coming downhill. The driver only has to control the steering wheel of the car while the hill descent system takes care of the brakes and engine while coming downhill. It ensures that the car does not go out of control and the brakes do not become too hot and lose efficiency. Many high-end cars like the Land Rover Range Rover get the feature

7.ŠKODA SUPERB - Umbrella Holder

The Skoda Superb is one brilliant car. It is fast, it looks great and it has some unique features. The Superb is the only car that features an umbrella holder in India other than Rolls Royce. The Superb has a specialised space in the door panel for storing an umbrella. The Rolls-Royce also comes with a similar feature, the only difference is, the Rolls-Royce umbrella holder is heated and it will dry the umbrella.

8 .HYUNDAI CRETA - Wireless Charging

Hyundai recently launched the Creta facelift with additional features. One of these luxurious features is the wireless fast charging. The Creta allows any wireless charging-enabled smartphone to be placed in the dedicated spot and charge without any wire. Luxury cars like the Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class get such wireless chargers.

9 .TOYOTA YARIS - Gesture Control

The newly launched Toyota Yaris comes with many segment-leading features like 7-airbags in all variants. The sedan also gets a first-in-segment gesture-control infotainment system. The screen of the Yaris can be controlled by showing the palm. It is something similar to the infotainment system of the all-new BMW 5-Series.

10.MAHINDRA XUV500 - Tyre Pressure Monitor

The Mahindra XUV500 is a feature-rich SUV. It gets a long list of features, including a sunroof. The XUV 500 also gets a very informative driver information display that comes with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The system alerts the driver for any pressure loss and gives a low-pressure warning to the driver. The same feature is available with luxury cars like the Volvo XC90, BMW 7-Series and more


Sep 5, 2018

Super idea there to pin this down, does take one by surprise to see all these features on these cars.


By the way, even the XUV gets an umbrella holder which isn't as good as the Superb's, it also gets logo projection which only high-end cars get.

Sep 5, 2018

Fantastic post!

Now a days cars like the Toyota Yaris come with 7 airbags which is also a big thing for mass market cars.

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